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Thrive Wellness Integrated Health Centre

Thrive Wellness Integrated Health Centre is the Vancouver office of Dr. Ian Boonstra, a multidisciplinary clinic in Vancouver offering chiropractic care, as well as registered massage therapy. The clinic is located at Unit #408 – 1788 W. Broadway (on the South East corner of Burrard and Broadway).

Dr. Ian Boonstra provides chiropractic services, soft tissue therapy including myofascial release using Active Release Technique (Spine, Upper and Lower Extremity certified) and Trigenics, gait analysis and custom orthotics. Dr. Boonstra’s energy and focus will allow you to work together to provide you with not only thorough and effective treatment, but also proper education as to the nature of your injury/condition, along with an outline for home rehabilitation and strategies for prevention.

If something is interfering with your ability to enjoy life, Dr. Boonstra can help!

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Patient Testimonials

When I first came to your clinic, I was having chronic foot pain that prevented me from doing any long distance running or any extensive athletic work. I had injured myself in a run two years previously, and no amount of trips to the doctor had managed to properly diagnose or resolve the issue.

You did a visual analysis of both my feet and the mechanics of my legs when walking and felt that orthotics might be a viable solution to the problem, and you were right! It has been about a year now, and since getting the orthotics, all my foot related problems have entirely disappeared. I no longer suffer form a sore neck or back after a long run either!

~ Rowan

Ian Boonstra has been the most helpful, efficient, and results driven health care professional I have ever had the pleasure of working with. After every visit, there is a noticeable improvement to my injuries of a partially dislocated rib and a sprained foot. Ian is very confident and sure of himself, willing to do the work and manipulations needed for recovery and always with a brilliant sense of humour, friendly positive attitude and a smile. He has a vast knowledge base and has personal experience recovering from sports injuries of his own. He is competent to explain his methods and the extent of your injuries to you. I have much gratitude for the work he does and he will continue to be my first call for any ailments in the future.

~ Jenny

Melanie Gatzke is the best massage therapist I’ve ever had.

~ Clive

Dr. Ian is incredibly perceptive, funny and kind, but also firm when he tells you how to get better! I have been a patient on and off for over 15 years, and in that time I have trained for a Tough Mudder, two half marathons, and had two children! He is awesome and I recommend him to anyone and everyone.

~ Mackenzie

As a traveller, I often find myself wanting an adjustment but never getting one because I don’t feel good about choosing a chiropractor randomly from the yellow pages. just seemed sketchy, your spine is precious! I had tried 3 different chiropractors in one town i lived in, that cost me way more than I wanted to spend (new patient exams!) but I was never happy. so I’d always wait – stiff and sideways – until i was back home to see my family chiropractor, whom I had been seeing 6 years. When I decided to move to Vancouver, I asked him if he knew anyone that i could trust with my spine. He referred me to Dr. Boonstra. Ian is super thorough and a really nice guy. He explains whats going on, why I’m having the issues I’m having, gives me exercises to do at home and the results have been amazing so far. Dr. Boonstra’s techniques are different and they work greatly for those who are highly active and tend to stress the muscles. I’ve become more mindful of how to use my body in practice & my knee pain is gone now.

~ Elise

Melanie is a wonderful massage therapist. She’s very knowledgeable and creates a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. I always look forward to my appointments with her, knowing that I will feel much better afterwards!

~ Ms. K.

Ian is the best. The best chiropractor I’ve ever been to but also a superb rehab specialist. He’s amazing. I feel very lucky to have found him. I was looking for a good chiropractor, Googled ‘best chiropractor Vancouver’ and his name came up. There you go. 🙂

I’ve been seeing him for years and he’s helped me with so many problems that most other therapists could not. What I like is that he has a very wide knowledge base, a great sense of humour and he also teaches you the why’s of things, which is so very important. So it’s always a learning, as well as a healing experience. He spends the time he needs to with each patient and you never ever feel rushed.

I was hit by a distracted driver in July and have started rehab with Ian, and have been getting much better and faster results with him than I had with the physiotherapists I had been referred to by my physician. Highly recommended. I wouldn’t go to anyone else.

~ Anne-Marie

I had never been a fan of chiropractics as I had a very different view on what they did. After not being able to alleviate my lower back pain for weeks, my sister convinced me to go see Dr Boonstra.

After my first visit, I had no more pain. Ian had also taught me some techniques to help the issue on my own, which I really appreciated. With that, I tried my luck and explained I had some lingering issues from a head injury I had the endured the year before. I honestly didn’t believe that he could help as I’ve had no consistent progression with doctors or physio. Surprised again, Ian has helped my healing process in a way that no one else has. Every single time I leave his office, I feel good, I am informed and I’ve been taught how to help myself better.

~ Ashley

Melanie is great! She is very friendly, professional and well trained. I am so grateful she has provided me with relief from my neck and shoulder injury.

Mr. O.

I went to Ian for shoulder rehab after I separated it mountain biking. He is very knowledgeable and helped me to gain back my strength and mobility. He worked on my injury and gave me strength training exercises to promote healing.

~ Jeff

Just like all the other reviews say, Ian is extremely knowledgeable, personable and great at what he does. He can treat whatever ails you and does so in a conscientious and informative way. All my gym mates know that if you need a sure fix and a preventive program to avoid a repeat, Ian is your doc.

~ Lisa

I have been a longtime patient of Dr. Boonstra and in my opinion he is the best Chiropractor in Vancouver. My history includes hard labour work adventure sports, this coupled with an active lifestyle makes for some unique injuries.

Dr. Boonstra has an amazing philosophy to treat the whole problem and not just the discomfort that I have. He spends extra time with me, working on my problem areas as well as setting up a recovery program for my current conditions. He has a whole set of regular gym equipment in the treatment room and makes sure I practice movements and exercises before I leave.

He is also doesn’t pressure you into multiple appointments. We collaborate on a recovery/treatment plan that will get me back on track and usually ends with a “come back as you feel you need to” comment. I appreciate this no pressure technique to my health. If you are serious about recovering and getting back into pain free activities I highly recommend Dr. Boonstra.

~ Jody

I love getting my therapeutic massages here.  The staff are wonderful and my massage therapist Melanie helps me feel relaxed and stress free when my session is complete.

~ Ebony

As a 70 year old former industrial baker, I was stuck in a downward spiral of decreasing mobility. Ian’s knowledge, patience and humour motivated me to keep going. He researched my connective tissue disorder (Ehlers-Danlos) to fit my rehabilitation needs. He listens, he cares, and he knows what he is doing. I definitely recommend him.

~ Heather

I first came to Dr. Boonstra’s office with my cousin and while I was waiting in the waiting area a girl shared her story of how he had helped her with her broken ribs.  She spoke highly of him and I decided to book a consultation appointment.  I had been in a car accident one and a half year prior to this consultation appointment and I had seen many clinicians who provided me with multiple techniques to ease my pain and assist with getting me back to my routine.  This car accident had hindered my regular workout routine significantly and I was having a difficult time physically, emotionally and mentally.  Some of the symptoms included vertigo, headaches, fogginess, irritability, a panic feeling and lots of anxiety.   It wasn’t until I attended regular sessions with Dr. Boonstra where I noticed a difference in my physical abilities and my emotional and mental wellness.  Dr. Boonstra displays an exceptional amount of empathy during his sessions.  It appeared to be important for him to get to know who I was in order to provide proper treatment.  A bonus to my sessions was always being greeted by the lovely and wise Annabel.  I appreciate how she always greeted her clients with a smile on her face and especially for listening to me complain about my commute.

My prior experience with previous clinicians consisted of the clinicians telling me what exercises to do and how to do them.  Dr. Boonstra took time out to consider the readiness of my body and in the impact it would have if my body wasn’t ready.  He helped me reframe the way I viewed my injury and the way I viewed myself.  Because of him and Annabel I am able to confidently say that I am feeling much better.  I am aware that things may not be the way they used to be but I am now patient with myself to understand that.  This change in thinking was with the assistance of Dr. Boonstra and his lovely wife Annabel.  I hold an immense amount of gratitude to them for changing my life.  Although, my treatment program is over I will still be seeing them for regular check-ups.  I believe effectiveness doesn’t not depend on the frequency of the experience , it depends on the quality of the experience and Dr. Boonstra’s practise provides a high quality experience.  Thank you!

~ Shaleeni
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