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Fee Schedule

We accept all ICBC, MSP and Student Care Network claims.

Our treatments are covered by most health insurance plans.

Chiropractic Treatment

Initial Visit


Includes: A thorough consultation, examination and treatment (if applicable).

Subsequent Visit


Includes: Treatment consisting of a possible combination of chiropractic manipulation, soft tissue therapy and rehabilitation exercises.

Reactivation Visit


For patients who have not been seen for 6 months or longer, or who have experienced a new injury since original Initial visit. (Requires a double visit)

Rehabilitation Exercise Visit


Visit designed to teach patients exercises and strategies to help manage their condition. (Requires a double visit)

Custom Orthotics


Foot supports that are custom-designed with a cast to help better align the foot and ankle and assist with reducing stress & strain on the body. Recommended for those required to be on their feet for extended periods of time.


No Charge

We participate in theĀ Chiropractic Flat Fee Program. If you have been involved in an MVA you may qualify for 14 weeks of Chiropractic treatment. No fees upon approval.

Registered Massage Therapy

1 Hour Massage

$115 incl. GST

1/2 Hour Massage

$65 incl. GST

1 Hour (ICBC) Massage

$30 incl. GST

1/2 Hour (ICBC) Massage

Covered by ICBC

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